Example Of Story Users

Bad User Story Good User Story
Create a Best Restaurant List Page As a Restaurant Inspector I want to
find top-reviewed restaurants within 5
miles of my location so that I can list
inspection candidates

Rating System

The Agile Ready Rating System scores each component of the User Story, each component’s relevance to other components, and its overall wordiness. A maximum score is available for a compliant-to-standard User Story. The higher the Readiness Quality Score the more READY the story is to be worked on.

Likewise a Backlog Score is computed from the individual user story scores belonging to the Backlog. The Backlog Score rises when all user stories scores rise. Thus a Backlog’s Goodness Score tells you the quality of the user stories in the backlog.

Likewise a Product Score is computed from multiple backlogs belonging to a Product. The Product Score rise when all Backlog scores rise. Thus a Product’s Goodness Score tells you about the quality of the product based on the quality of the backlogs.